About Us

SmoQ BBQ, Cincinnati, Ohio

SmoQ was designed with an emphasis on the smoker because the smoker was designed with an emphasis on slow cooking. Coupling that, is a desire to create southern food with a flair while holding true to the values that make southern cuisine special.

People ask if our barbecue is authentic. Barbecue is very regional with each area believing that they make the best. But at smoQ, barbecue is more than lines on a map, the color of your skin, the music you listen to, or your heritage. To us, it is defined by a love of low, slow cooking over wood with special rubs, mops, and sauces. So the answer is YES, our barbecue is authentic… authentically good!

Look around our dining room and you will see, through pictures, that we pay tribute to the pioneers of barbecue. These people passionately stoked the fire for many years, not only in their smokers but in their hearts. For without a true love, one will never dedicate the time needed to prepare food properly. These pioneers paved a road of inspiration, setting the table for us to aspire to take it to a whole new level. Which is why we now say… if it’s legal, we’ll smoQ it!

SmoQ is locally owned and operated. We are located at 275 Pictoria Drive.