Thank you for your interest in our Catering Service. If you’re a return customer, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you again! If you’re a new customer, here’s a bit about our smoking process and service:

Here at smoQ we believe in doing BBQ the old fashioned way… over wood and low ‘n slow. Our process results in meat that has “bark”, a dark, rich, sweet, chewy crust. Depending on the meat and how long it’s on the smoker, the “bark” can range in color from a deep mahogany red to molasses black. It is not “burnt” or “overcooked,” it is part of what makes our BBQ special! Our smoking process produces, just below the bark, a red “smoke ring”. The smoke ring is not an indication of “undercooking,” it is simply a chemical reaction between the smoke and meat. All of our meats are prepared in a way true to our Southern tradition and are authentically good. 

General Information about SmoQ Catering Services

For all drop-off or pick up catering orders: SmoQ will provide heavy-duty plates, napkins, plasticware, and serving utensils. The food is packaged “buffet-style” in disposable foil containers for your convenience. We do not provide chafers, but offer them for sale. We will arrive approximately 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled service time with food hot, fresh and ready to serve. We will assist you with setup if you’d like.

For full-service catering: We will arrive approximately 1-2 hours prior to your scheduled service time for setup. Food will arrive just prior to service time to ensure quality and freshness. Please consult with our event coordinator for service ware needed for your event, e.g. plates, silver, chafers, linen etc. We have a professional catering staff to attend to your every need from dinner service to bar service to clean up. Please let us know your specific needs.

For further information or to place an order please contact us at (513) 671.SMOQ or at

All catering orders require a minimum of 20 persons. Parties of less than 20 can place carryout orders up to a week in advance here.


*All prices include paper plates, plasticware, napkins and serving utensils.

Option 1

  • $12 per person (based upon 1/3 lb. of meat per person)
  • Choice of 2 meats (Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken, Smoked Sausage)
  • Choice of 2 sides (Extra Sides additional $1.50 per person)
  • Choice of 2 sauces
  • Buns

Option 2

  • $14 per person (based upon 1/3 lb. of meat per person)
  • Choice of 2 meats (Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken, Smoked Sausage, Beef Brisket)
  • Choice of 2 sides (Additional Sides $1.50 per person)
  • Choice of 2 sauces
  • Buns


  • Cornbread Muffin $.50 each
  • Cobbler choice of Peach, Cherry or Mixed Berry ($3.50 per person)
  • Chicken and Sausage Gumbo ($27.00/half gallon; $48.00/gallon)

Payment Policy

A credit card number must be on file when placing your order. Balance may be paid by credit card, cash or check upon delivery.

Service Charges

Drop Off: For drop-off catering orders, a delivery fee equal to 10% of your total charge will apply.

Full Service: For full-service catering orders, a delivery fee equal to 10% of your total bill (maximum charge of $200.00) will apply. The service fee is based on the number of servers/bartenders needed.

Order Timing
Our smoking process is one that is low and slow which produces the most authentic and tasty BBQ in the region. For this reason and to ensure the best quality service, please order a minimum of 48 hours in advance.

Please contact us for any specialized needs not accounted for in this overview. Thank you again for considering us for your catering needs.